Skip Update  6/24/2011:
Skip has arrived in Phoenix and will be having surgery tomorrow (Friday).  Will keep you all updated.

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Afos Auction Items List Continues To Grow

Author : AFOS

The list of auction items on the AFOS (Aussie Friends of Skip) continues to grow, with some spectacular new additions that have memorabilia collectors and race fans alike frantically bidding to secure them.

One of the most spectacular is a stunning painting, created by talented Sydney artist and race fan Mary Barnes.

Mary has painted some of the biggest names in Australian Speedway over the last few years and her “MAB ART” creations are the talk of the town whenever a new one is released.

Touched by the plight of Skip Jackson (who has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Prostate Cancer in the USA) Mary raced to her easel and began passionately laying the brush-strokes to the classic work of art you see attached here.

It’s a tremendous piece, and how good would it look in anyone’s house, workshop or even museum?

Mary’s MABART creations normally sell for $600, so it’s expected that kind of money might just be the starting point for such a fantastic AFOS auction addition.

The minimum bid for the painting is $350.

To be able to bid on the painting or any of the other auction items please visit

AFOS and Skip Jackson’s family wish to thank Mary Barnes for her inspirational painting and the way she has captured the 1998 Warrnambool Classic winner and his Skilled Engineering / O’Brien Aluminium racer.

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People or companies wishing to contribute to the “AFOS” (Aussie Friends of Skip) initiative can do so by paying funds into the following account or use paypal if you already have that facility set up.

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Iowa Corn Indy 250: Ryan Briscoe arrives in Iowa with heavy heart

Editor’s note: IndyCar driver Ryan Briscoe is writing a daily diary this weekend as the series comes to Iowa Speedway in Newton.

My very first racing trophy came from a name that fans of sprint-car racing at Knoxville Raceway will recognize — Garry Rush.

If you’ve never heard of him, Garry is the Steve Kinser of Australia, a legendary racer who dominated the dirt tracks in Australia for decades. He’s a friend of my dad and uncle, who were involved in sprint-car racing around my hometown of Sydney when I was very young. After one of his wins, Garry gave me the trophy. It’s part of the reason I’m a racer.

It’s also one of the reasons I arrived at Iowa Speedway this week with a heavy — but hopeful — heart. One of the legends of sprint cars from Sydney, Skip Jackson, was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. He’ll undergo surgery soon, and treatment after that. He’s definitely in my thoughts this week.

There’s always been a special connection between Knoxville and Australia. Skip has lived in Knoxville for years and is a regular competitor at Knoxville Raceway. And ever since I got that first trophy, I’ve followed the careers of fellow Australians like Max Dumesny, Brooke Tatnell and Jaymie Moyle. There is a legion of drivers and mechanics from my country involved in sprint-car racing in the States. It’s a huge deal in Australia, and it’s the first thing I remember about racing.

Last year, my teammate at Team Penske, fellow Australian Will Power, got the chance to meet Skip. Will was beside himself to talk to him. These guys are all big stars back home, so it’s a big thrill to meet them. We grew up reading about them in magazines. They’re larger than life to us.

A few years ago, during the IndyCar race weekend at Iowa Speedway, I visited Knoxville Raceway for the first time. I was amazed at the facility and the action and the depth and quality of the racing. I even went across the street to Dingus and put my autograph above the bar. Knoxville was something I’d always wanted to experience.

Every year around Christmas, the American sprint-car stars make a trip to Australia and race for a few weeks against our guys. It’s always a massive deal. When I was a kid, guys like Kinser and Sammy Swindell and Doug Wolfgang would come down and square off against our biggest stars - and usually beat them.

I remember many of those races fondly. The American racers had such incredible equipment, and Kinser especially was just so talented. I’d never seen a racer with reflexes like that. It was a wonderful celebration of one of my favorite forms of racing.

That’s why I was struck by the news about Skip. A benefit was held for him a few weeks ago, but if you’d like to donate or wish him well, go to his website - Long before I ever thought about racing as a career, I knew his name. He’s a huge star in sprint-car circles back home.

The Knoxville Nationals are a big deal in Australia, too. I regret that I’ve never seen it in person, but we’re almost always racing somewhere that weekend. Even when we’re racing at Newton, it’s tough to get away and drive down to Knoxville and catch the races. But someday I’ll get there and witness it.

It’s always exciting to race at Iowa Speedway with the IZOD IndyCar Series, and I’m looking forward to this weekend’s action. It’s a night race this time, which I guarantee you’ll enjoy. The cars look so bright and colorful in night races, and they actually appear to be faster. You’ll love it.

We always get a monstrous response here, and the drivers all appreciate that. I’ll be writing two more blogs for The Register during the weekend — one in advance of the race and another afterward. I’m looking forward to it.

Come out and join us, and keep Skip in your hearts.